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Bananas Yearbook — 1981

Scholastic Books’ monthly magazine for highschoolers played both ends of the argument, saying Robin was winning in Popeye but losing in the later seasons of Mork & Mindy (which IMHO the show had jumped the shark, having replaced Mindy’s parents’ music store with a delicatessen, and not even adding Jonathan Winters as their adult baby Mearth could save them). And on the back cover, a random still from Popeye.

Incredulous kudos to Jovial Bob and crew for praising Richard Pryor’s recovery without mentioning WHY he got burned: He was doing cocaine and heroin (a combo known as “speedballing”) and it caught fire — some say it was an accident, some say it was a suicide attempt. Let’s tiptoe around that. They went on to praise his work with Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy but the two films they really should have spoken of (I know, they came out awhile after this issue was published) in the wake of his misadventure — onstage Pryor would self-parody by lighting a wooden match and saying “know what this is? it’s Richard Pryor!” — were the standup concert Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip where he talks about what happened, and Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling, the semi-autobiographical film he made.

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The Supremes preparing for a show at The Apollo, by Bruce Davison, 1965

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Seoul Korea vintage Korean advertising circa 1989


Nils Kölare (Swedish, 1930-2007), Komposition. Oil on canvas, 114 x 103 cm.

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Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari | 1920

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icy holiday wip

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Body Art Playboy.

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Michella Picci

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Big Hairy - Winnipeg, Manitoba


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I love him hahaha

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