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Classic Video And Arcade Games by Judan

A mashup of over 50 games from the 80s from a variety of systems. How many games do you recognize?

Dayam! All I’ve identified from the top down are arcade Donkey Kong, Sinistar, arcade Pac Man, Bubble Bobble, arcade Space Invaders, Berzerk, Megaman, 2600 Outlaw, 2600 Adventure (Yorgle the dragon), Legend of Zelda, is that Carmen Sandiego there?, 2600 Fishing Derby, arcade Battlezone, NES Duck Hunt, NES Super Mario Bros (the koopas and Mario on the swinging vine later), Star Wars: Arcade (sights over the koopas), Galaga, Dragon’s Lair (the dragon and Dirk on the bottom row), BurgerTime, arcade Asteroids, Q*Bert, is that a monster from Venture?, 2600 Pitfall, Sonic (& Tails), DigDug, and Missile Command (ammo at the end)…

(Source: thechief0)