Awful Answers to Stupid Questions


Just hung out with some dudes this weekend.


Scooter jams #mcsd10

Just waiting for my Thai food like a man.

baby face / old man head

Not sure if I’m feeling this hat yet.

I wish this guy was running.

I’m crashing my friend’s bachelorette party, so I figured I may as well dress up like a hot cop. Thanks Party City for being open until 8:30 on a Saturday night to make this last minute dream a reality. Also, you can’t see it but the badge on that hat says “Babe Patrol”

This is so ridiculous.

I got cable.

Sunshine selfie

Moved yesterday. My turntable is set up and most of my records are unpacked. Meanwhile, my bedroom is a complete disaster. Definitely have my priorities straight. (at Nob Hill Apartments)

“ Are these cheesey potatoes from the Boston Marathon? Because they are the bomb! ”

—    Me to my sister at Easter dinner tonight.

Why is it snowing?

Mom angles 2014

It’s too gnarly to go to work today.