Awful Answers to Stupid Questions


Scooter jams #mcsd10

Just waiting for my Thai food like a man.

baby face / old man head

Not sure if I’m feeling this hat yet.

I wish this guy was running.

I’m crashing my friend’s bachelorette party, so I figured I may as well dress up like a hot cop. Thanks Party City for being open until 8:30 on a Saturday night to make this last minute dream a reality. Also, you can’t see it but the badge on that hat says “Babe Patrol”

This is so ridiculous.

I got cable.

Sunshine selfie

Moved yesterday. My turntable is set up and most of my records are unpacked. Meanwhile, my bedroom is a complete disaster. Definitely have my priorities straight. (at Nob Hill Apartments)

“ Are these cheesey potatoes from the Boston Marathon? Because they are the bomb! ”

—    Me to my sister at Easter dinner tonight.

Why is it snowing?

Mom angles 2014

It’s too gnarly to go to work today.

Early morning train jam.

Working out of the San Francisco office until the weekend. Gangsta