Awful Answers to Stupid Questions


Pretty dope record show haul. That Jimmy Cliff record is out of control.

Memorial Day jams.

Moved yesterday. My turntable is set up and most of my records are unpacked. Meanwhile, my bedroom is a complete disaster. Definitely have my priorities straight. (at Nob Hill Apartments)

Coffee and Chromatics (at Selfish Agenda)

Some people have families. I have records.

Slack Friday (at Selfish Agenda)

On a heavy Sonic Youth kick right now. Total forgot I had this on vinyl!

Studio One Saturdays

Keeping it in the S section today. #teenageriot

Records are Your Best Entertainment

Post Diana Ross Supremes jams.

I’m going way back this Sunday. First pressing bitches. (I don’t know if there was more than one, but I think this was limited to like 300).  I got this record before they even played a live band and before I put out their first seven inch.

Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) (Taken with Instagram)

Anybody interested in cleaning this mess for me? (Taken with Instagram)

Come be subjected to my record collection and drink some beers with me at Hello Records in Detroit next Friday you guys. Best record store in Detroit!

Photo stolen from Tumblr.  USA! USA!